InfiniteLoop brings sweet stands to iPad, iPhone and others!

While most of us use and own at least a Smart Phone, and many others owning tablets, we are always looking for a stand or way to prop up our device. Sure, the iPad has the SmartCover that allows it to be used as a stand, but what about something that is more sturdy and when you don’t own a SmartCover?


That’s where the idea for InfiniteLoop came in. The designer, Tim Gushe, wanted a device to support his iPad anywhere and at all times. The stand is meant to be used for daily tasks like reading, watching a movie (perfect for an airplane), doing FaceTime, or just a place to keep it propped up when not using it.


The InfiniteLoop is made using patented co molded metal and plastic form that can easily bend to any shape you desire. It also includes Suction cups and adjustable clips that allow you to use any device, from an iPad, Xoom, Eee Pad, or any SmartPhone using the suction cup. Because you can form it to any shape, this will last forever. No matter what device you own or when a device changes design, you can just change the shape and you still have your stand.


The InfiniteLoop is currently a KickStarter project, so head over there and give them a donation to not only reserver your own, but help them get this project going! The more you donate, the better deal you get.


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About the Author

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