Instagram introduces new features to create videos and reels

TikTok is reigning as the most popular video-sharing app. To compete with the Chinese social media app, Instagram has introduced new ways to collaborate and create videos and reels on the platform.

Last year, the company’s Head Adam Mosseri announced that Instagram will undergo a revamp for creators, and videos to stay relevant in the current competitive social media industry.

Now, Instagram users have more tools to create and share videos with other collaborators, friends, or family members.


Instagram adds new templates for reels, enhances “Remix” for photos, and more

Here are all the new tools for Reels and photos on Instagram to boost users’ creativity and elevate their video-sharing experience on the app:

  • New templates for reels allow users to combine their photos or video clips with preloaded audio and clip placeholders.
  • Dual camera support for reels enables users to record a video and their reaction, simultaneously.


  • Remix public photos
  • New remix layouts for users to their video commentary to existing reels.
  • Users can now add their clips after an original reel to play it sequentially instead of at the same time as the original reel.


As per the announcement, all videos shorter than 15 minutes will be shared as reels in the coming weeks with a few other changes for public and private accounts. However, videos posted before the update will remain as videos.

Discovery: If you have a public account, your new videos – now reels – may be eligible to be recommended and seen by more people on Instagram. This currently applies to reels that are under 90 seconds long. If your account is private, your reels will still only be shown to your followers.

Profile: We’ll also consolidate the video and Reels tab on your profile, so there will be one home for all of your videos.


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