‘Flipside’ is Instagram’s solution for managing different accounts, including ‘finstas’

Instagram, the prominent social media platform, is seeking innovative solutions to bolster user privacy and engagement. Spearheaded by CEO Adam Mosseri, the company is currently experimenting with a feature called “Flipside.” This innovative tool seeks to transcend the limitations of private accounts, often dubbed “finstas,” by integrating them into a new and more personalized element within the platform itself.

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Instagram’s “Flipside” feature allows users to create a secondary photo grid for selective followers

Flipside is designed to provide users with a distinct and private space within the Instagram ecosystem. Unlike traditional finstas, which are separate accounts, Flipside integrates into a user’s main profile. The feature allows individuals to create a custom profile with a unique name, bio, and photo, sharing exclusive content with a select group of followers. This move by Instagram aligns with the platform’s ongoing efforts to offer more options for private sharing.

While Mosseri has confirmed the ongoing testing of Flipside, he also emphasized that the testing phase doesn’t guarantee a public launch. Users are currently expressing their thoughts and reactions on platforms like Threads and X. Some users appreciate the idea of a more straightforward and private space. In contrast, others express concerns about redundancy, child safety, and potential monetization issues.


Flipside, essentially an evolved version of Instagram’s Close Friends feature, allows users to create a secondary photo grid visible only to a specific list of friends. Users can choose to post content on their main grid or the Flipside grid, providing a tailored experience for different audiences. The Flipside grid is accessible via a key icon, offering a unique and intimate viewing experience.

One potential advantage of Flipside is its ability to leverage Instagram’s existing age-verification tools. By tying the Flipside account to the user’s main profile, Instagram could enhance its control over user age verification, addressing concerns related to kids setting up separate accounts outside parental controls.

Acknowledging the potential benefits and challenges of Flipside, Mosseri stated, “On one hand, it feels good to create a clear space that feels more private. Conversely, it’s yet another way to reach a smaller audience on top of secondary accounts and Close Friends.” His cautious approach reflects the uncertainties surrounding the feature’s future.

While Flipside is currently focused on private post sharing, there’s speculation about its expansion to include Stories in the future. However, Mosseri, remains uncertain about the feature’s launch, suggesting it could be an experimental addition.

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