New Instagram features on iOS [U: Invite friends to record reactions to Reels]

The popular social media platform, Instagram has been constantly introducing new features and improvements to enhance users’ experience and stay relevant in the face of strong competition by TikTok and Snapchat. As some of the minor changes are not announced by the company, we have compiled a list of the new features Instagram quietly rolls out for you to stay updated. 

The latest change on the platform is the option to invite friends to record their reactions to Reels sent via DM. They can also post their reaction videos as Remixed Reels.


Instagram adds an “Ask to react” feature in DM’s for friends or family to record their reaction

Reaction videos are very popular on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram in which users record their reactions or first impressions of different videos. Now, Instagram has made the feature more visible and accessible on the platform. 

When you send or DM a Reel or video to a friend, family member, or follower on Instagram, the new “Ask to react” button is available in the menu. Simply tap on the button to invite the intended user to record their reaction and send it back to you as a reaction or share it as a Remixed Reel on their profile.

  1. Choose the receiver(s) to who you want to DM the Reel. 
  2. Tap on the “Ask to react” option in the bottom right corner of the menu.
  3. When selected, the option turns blue and says “Asking to react”.


In the DM, the shared Reel appears with a “Watch and react” button.

  1. To record your reaction, simply open the Reel.
  2. Tap on “Start”.Instagram-RR
  3. Record your reaction via the in-app camera.
  4. Either send the reaction video to your friend privately via DM or post it as a Reel. Instagram-RR

Share Instagram posts quickly on social media and messaging apps

March 24, 2023: Instagram has added a new ‘share menu’ to directly send the photos or videos users like to their family or friends via messaging apps or post them on other social media platforms like Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook.

When you tap on the share arrow under any post, it opens the new share menu to easily search or select the account you want to send it with on the app or tap on the preferred social media or messaging app from the bottom of the menu to share it. 


Instagram lets users turn their Stories into Memories and Reels

February 14, 2023: Historically, Instagram copies popular features of other platforms like its introducing Snap Inc.’s Snapchat as Stories on its platform. And to stay relevant in the face of competition from the famous video-sharing app TikTok, Instagram has pivoted towards video sharing.

Now the company is quietly testing new features to encourage users to create more Reels or videos by turning their Stories into Reels, creating Memories, and more. Here are all the changes you might see on the app.

  • In the new Home, the notifications “heart” icon is repositioned to the top of the screen, next to the DMs icon. A new Reels icon is added to the bottom menu. This change makes Reels by creators and public accounts more accessible. Previously, the Reels icon was only accessible through the users’ profiles.


  • A new prompt to turn Instagram Stories into Memories appears while browsing through the Stories of people an account follows. Currently, the posted Stories disappear after 24 hours. The new feature allows users to convert them into Memories or videos and reshare them on the app like on Facebook.


  • While tapping through Stories, another new prompt appears to turn Stories into Reels. This feature lets users convert their Stories into Reels or videos to be accessible on their profile until they choose to archive or delete them. Currently, Stories disappear after 24 hours. 


  • Users can also enable the optional End-to-end encryption feature to protect their conversations.


  • Those users who run more than one Instagram account can quickly switch between the Dms of their accounts by tapping on the arrow next to their profile name and choosing the desired profile from the menu at the bottom. Currently, users have to switch profiles to check the DMs of each profile.


Recently, the company added “Notes” for users to share a short status, emoji, quote, question, and whatever they want in a floating bubble on top of their DP in DMs.

If you have found any more changes on the platform which we have missed, let us know in the comments. 

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