Intel Evo PCs will offer improved integration with iPhone, Apple Watch

Intel on Tuesday announced the specifications of the third-generation mobile PC platform “Evo.” In addition to offering support for foldable devices and the WiFi 6E standard, the next-gen Evo PCs will also offer iPhone and Apple Watch integration with iMessage support for the first time. 

Intel Evo

Will iMessage be available on Intel’s next-gen Evo PCs?

On December 6, Intel acquired Israeli developer Screenovate, reportedly for $100 million. The Screenovate technology is being used to improve cross-platform communication from your PC to Android tablets, smartwatches, iPhones, and more.

In a demonstration at CES 2022, Intel executives showed the Screenovate technology connecting to an iPhone and allowing iMessages and SMS messages to be displayed and interacted with from the PC. 

The demonstration also showed the laptop interacting with a smartwatch (the model was not identified) and displaying the heart rate, oxygen levels, and a recent EKG/ECG capture. The same device was then connected to an Android display and its display was extended onto it. Finally, the executive took a photo on a smartphone and shared it to a smart TV. All these tasks illustrated how seamlessly these devices connect to the Evo platform.

“This is really going to be a game-changing experience, and I love to see that the PC remains at the center of it all, enabling all of those devices to work seamlessly together,” Intel’s executive vice president Gregory Bryant said. The experience will be available in an “exclusive number” of Evo devices in time for this year’s holiday season.

While this may sound like exciting news for Windows users who own an iPhone, it is unclear if this feature will make it to the device as Intel says it “plans to work with partners, including Apple” to offer the functionality but it seems unlikely that the Cupertino tech giant will support an unofficial way to use iMessage on Windows.

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