iOS 14.8 update is in the works, despite iOS 15 launching soon

Apple is currently working on iOS 14.8 update for iPhone and iPad, as per new files discovered in Xcode 13 beta 4. This will be the 15th update for iOS 14, ever since the first version was released in September 2020.

iOS 14.8 iPadOS 14.8

iOS 14.8 references found in Xcode 13 beta 4

Apple has been releasing iOS 14.x updates with various new features over the past many months, and given the version number bump, this also seems like an update that will ship with new features. Just when you think Apple is done with iOS 14 and will be fully focused on iOS 15 moving forward, eagle-eyed folks have found mentions of iOS 14.8 in Xcode 13 beta 4.


This is not the first time that Apple will be releasing so many updates for an iOS release. iOS 13 received 18 releases and ended at version 13.7. This will the first that Apple will be hitting version x.8 for an iOS release.

We are certain that iOS 14.8 would not be the last update either. iOS 14.5 had revealed that Apple would be releasing security patches separately from new feature updates, which will allow users to stay on the older iOS version. While this has the potential to open up iOS to fragmentation and reduce the number of people that are on the latest iOS version, it will help keep users on older devices secure.

It is unclear as to what Apple might introduce in iOS 14.8. The version bump indicates that it will have new features as a minor update would have likely had iOS 14.7.x version number.

Apple’s controversial new CSAM feature, which is a part of its child safety efforts, will launch with iOS 15, macOS Monterey, and watchOS 8. This feature will use hashing to scan photos stored in iCloud and compare them against known CSAM image hashes.

We will likely find out more about iOS 14.8 in the next couple of weeks.

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