New iOS 15.5 beta 3 blocked several “Sensitive Locations” for Memories in the Photos app

Apple recently seeded the iOS 15.5 beta 3 to developers and beta testers and the new beta update has blocked multiple “Sensitive Locations” for Memories in the Photos apps to prevent it from creating unwanted or uncomfortable memories.

Apple’s native Photos app can automatically recognize important places, people, and events in users’ libraries to create a curated collection of photos or videos called Memories, which can be shared with friends and family. However, photos taken at “sensitive” places which are associated with trauma related to Holocaust have now been blocked.

Photos Memories - iOS 15.5

Photos app on iOS 15.5 will not curate Memories of pictures or videos taken at places Holocaust

Photos app on iOS 15.5 beta 3 automatically ignores the latitude, longitude, and radius of the following “Sensitive Location” so that new Memories are not created.

  • Yad Vashem Memorial
  • Dachau concentration camp
  • US Holocaust Museum
  • Majdanek concentration camp
  • Berlin Holocaust Memorial
  • Schindler Factory
  • Belzec extermination camp
  • Anne Frank House
  • Sobibor extermination camp
  • Treblinka extermination camp
  • Chelmno-Kulmhof extermination camp
  • Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp

iOS 15.5

In iOS 15, Apple introduced several changes to the Memories for Photos app like redesigned and more interactive UI, integration with Apple Music, and Memory Looks to customize the photos and videos with filters that appear in Memories, change the memory mix, and change memory music. Users can also create their own Memories with favorite memorable moments.

The previous iOS 15.5 beta update includes a reference to Apple Classical app, an update to Apple Pay Cash that adds request and send buttons, renamed “iTunes Pass” to “Apple Account Card”, and the Home app displays HomePod connectivity and a reference to the development of SportKit.

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