iOS 17.4 brings new ‘Virtual Card Numbers’ feature for Apple Cash users

iOS 17.4 beta introduces a significant new feature for Apple Cash users: virtual card numbers. This allows you to shop online even when Apple Pay isn’t available.

iOS 17.4 beta

Virtual Card Numbers in iOS 17.4 marks a significant change for Apple Cash

Previously, Apple Cash was only available within the Apple ecosystem which restricted its usage. Users could not access their Apple Cash balance in online stores not integrated with Apple Pay. This limited its usefulness.

However, the new Virtual Card Numbers feature has eliminated this restriction, allowing users to utilize their Apple Cash balance in any online store that accepts it.

iOS 17.4 virtual_card_number

This new and innovative feature allows users to generate unique and temporary card numbers and security codes for each online purchase. These credentials function independently from the physical Apple Cash card, providing an extra layer of security against fraud even if the information is obtained by unauthorized parties. This feature provides users with peace of mind and confidence when shopping online.

Moreover, the Virtual Card Numbers streamline the online checkout process by eliminating the need for manual fund transfers or switching payment methods. The integration with Safari AutoFill ensures an effortless and seamless shopping experience with minimal user intervention. This efficiency aligns with the current consumer preferences for fast-paced and convenient transactions.

Currently, this feature is only available in the iOS 17.4 beta program. However, it is expected to be released to the public in early March 2024, bringing its benefits to a wider audience. Users will receive a prompt within the Apple Cash section of their Wallet app to guide them through the setup process, allowing them to fully utilize the Virtual Card Numbers.

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