iOS 18 could see visual overhaul inspired by visionOS

Reports of a major visual overhaul are swirling around the upcoming iOS 18 update, fueled by rumors of inspiration from the Vision Pro’s operating system, visionOS. The potential changes would mark a significant departure from Apple’s usual design philosophy, ushering in an era of rounded corners, translucent menus, and depth-enhancing elements reminiscent of the Vision Pro interface.

While iPhone users are understandably excited about the prospect of a fresh look, questions remain about the feasibility and scope of such a transformation.

VisionOS iOS 18

Apple’s historical preference for gradual design evolution suggests a cautious approach to iOS 18. Experts debate whether the company will fully embrace the visionOS aesthetic or opt for more subtle refinements. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman hints at “ambitious changes,” but it’s unclear if these solely pertain to the interface or encompass broader enhancements like AI-powered features.

iOS 18 could adopt rounded corners, a translucent interface, and other visionOS elements

Reports from The Verifier and other publications fuel speculation about visionOS-inspired elements in iOS 18. Rounded corners, shadows, and translucent menus are among the anticipated changes, mirroring the Vision Pro headset’s interface. The redesigned Apple TV app on tvOS 17.2 offers a glimpse into this potential future, showcasing a floating sidebar reminiscent of visionOS layouts.

Despite the compelling rumors, there is some skepticism regarding the wholesale adoption of visionOS elements. Apple’s commitment to harmonizing its diverse operating systems presents a logistical challenge, casting doubt on the likelihood of a complete visual overhaul. Additionally, the speculative nature of the rumors, coupled with the mixed track record of some sources, warrants cautious optimism.


As the iOS ecosystem evolves, the debate surrounding Apple’s design philosophy intensifies. While the prospect of visionOS-inspired elements is undoubtedly exciting, the practicality of such a dramatic shift remains a subject of discussion.

Ultimately, the tech giant’s commitment to delivering a seamless user experience across its product lineup will guide its design decisions, ensuring a balance between innovation and familiarity.

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