iOS 17.5 to introduce game-changing ‘Repair State’ option

iOS 17.5, currently in beta testing, is bringing a new feature called “Repair State”. This allows you to send your iPhone for repair without having to disable Find My and Activation Lock.

iOS 17.5 "Repair State"

Based on the current developer betas, iOS 17.5 appears to be more about polish than groundbreaking new features. We’re seeing hints at UI tweaks in core apps like Apple Books, Podcasts, and Settings. These changes could make navigating your iPhone even smoother and more intuitive.

There have also been suggestions that iOS 17.5 might introduce anti-stalking features. While the specifics remain under wraps, this addition could be a game-changer for users concerned about unwanted location tracking.


The most talked-about, yet unconfirmed, feature in iOS 17.5 is the “Repair State” option. This hypothetical mode has captured the imagination of iPhone users, as it promises the ability to service your device without disabling Find My.

Currently, disabling Find My is a mandatory security step before handing over your iPhone for repairs. This ensures that only authorized technicians can access your device and prevents unauthorized access to your data.

While the idea of a “Repair State” is certainly enticing, it’s important to understand the security implications. Disabling Find My is a crucial safeguard in place to protect your privacy. Until a more secure solution emerges, prioritizing security during repairs is paramount.

The possibility of a “Repair State” feature being included in iOS 17.5 points towards Apple’s potential future direction. The company is always looking for innovative ways to improve its products, and a more secure solution for repairing iPhones without affecting the Find My feature may be in the works.

Keep an eye out for official announcements from Apple regarding the final feature set of iOS 17.5 as its official release approaches. Apple’s website and developer resources are excellent sources for the latest updates.

(Via MacRumors)

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