Should you download iOS 17 Beta 6 or iOS 17 Public Beta 4?

It has been a day since the release of iOS 17 Beta 6 to developers and beta testers. Seeded a week after the release of iOS 17 Beta 5, the latest developer beta update includes several new changes and improvements like repositioning the End call button in the middle, the ‘Carrier Voicemail’ option in the Voicemail tab, improved AirDrop, and more.

The tech giant also released iOS 17 Public Beta 4 on the same day. As Public Betas are more stable than Developer Betas, it might make keep some users on the fence about installing the iOS 17 Beta 6.

Here is everything you need to know about the performance of iOS 17 Beta 6 and its bugs (resolved and unresolved) so you can make an informed decision to download or skip the update.

iOS 17 beta 6

iOS 17 Beta 6: Performance and bug fixes

The new beta update’s build number is iOS 17.0 (21A5312c). As the “c” indicates that it is very close to the final version, iOS 17 Beta 6 is pretty stable. 

After using iPhone 14 Pro Max running on iOS 17 Beta 6 for a day, I can say that stability is better with fewer crashes and glitches and the performance is faster as apps load faster than before. It achieved the following Geekbench test scores:

  • Single-core: 2635
  • Multi-core: 6732

iOS 17 beta 6

No bugs have been experienced and reported since the release of the update. Even the bugs listed in the release notes show that there are more resolved issues in the update than unresolved issues: It is down to 10 categories from 77 categories of known issues and resolved issues are now at 79 categories from 17 categories. 

Battery life and thermals of the phone have improved than iOS 17 Beta 5, it needed to be charged twice. 

The factors listed above make it safe to say that you can install the Beta 6 update, if are an active member of the Apple Developer Program. But if you want to really safe, you should opt for iOS 17 Public Beta 4 as it is pretty much the same as the developer beta and is available for free.

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