iOS 17 concept video shows redesigned Control Center, enhanced Lock screen customization and more

Apple enthusiasts and iPhone users have been eagerly anticipating the unveiling of the next-generation operating system, iOS 17, at the upcoming WWDC 2023. With rumors and leaks circulating, concept artist Nicholas Ghigo has created an intriguing video showcasing his vision of iOS 17, giving us a glimpse into what Apple might have in store for us.

Ios 17

Revamped Control Center for iPhone is front and center in this iOS 17 concept video

One of the notable features highlighted in Ghigo’s concept video is the enhanced customization options for the lock screen. Apple is rumored to introduce new font styles and wallpapers, as well as real-time song lyrics for Apple Music, all accessible without unlocking the phone. This would add a touch of personalization and convenience to the user experience.

Ios 17

The concept also showcases customizable shortcuts on the lock screen, providing quick access to frequently used apps and functions. Additionally, Ghigo envisions a refreshed look for Control Center, with the integration of smart home options and a music player for seamless track control.

Ios 17

While these features are yet to be confirmed, Bloomberg has reported that Control Center will undergo significant changes in iOS 17. The current design, introduced in iOS 11, has remained largely unchanged. Ghigo’s concept imagines a revamped Control Center with custom controls, breathing new life into this essential iPhone feature.

Ghigo’s concept video also hints at potential updates to the Wallet and Health apps. These improvements could streamline organization and provide enhanced functionality for managing finances and monitoring personal health.

Furthermore, iOS 17 might introduce a grid view for switching wallpapers on the lock screen, making it easier than ever to personalize the iPhone’s appearance. Apple might also surprise users with the introduction of a dedicated journaling app, further expanding the iPhone’s capabilities.

While Ghigo’s concept video showcases exciting possibilities, it’s important to note that these visuals are the result of his imagination and not official Apple software. The true details of iOS 17 will be unveiled in just a few days at WWDC 2023.

Mark your calendars for June 5 at 10 am PDT, as Apple takes the stage to announce iOS 17 and other anticipated software updates. Make sure to check back in with us at iThinkDiff to learn about new iOS features that will change the way you use your iPhone.

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