Wallet and Health apps to feature redesigned UI in iOS 17

The Wallet and Health apps are two essential components of the iOS operating system that iPhone owners frequently use. Twitter user @analyst941 recently shared some mockups of the expected changes coming to the Wallet and Health apps in the upcoming iOS 17 update.

Wallet and Health

Apple’s Wallet and Health apps set to receive major updates in iOS 17

According to the leaked mockup, the Wallet app is likely to have a revamped navigation bar that separates different functions like Cards, Cash, Keys, IDs, and Orders. The Passes & More tab is also included, and users can swipe down to access a search interface to find specific cards or passes.

A Transactions button will also be added, making it easier to find specific passes and order details. Compared to the current Wallet app design, this update would significantly improve the app’s functionality.

iOS 17 Wallet

As for the Health app, the leak suggests that the Favorites section under the Summary tab will see a redesign with a card-style interface. Each card will have “visual data” that includes “colored graphs,” “tables,” and other information. However, it is unclear how this design will work with the Trends and Highlights sections in the Summary tab.

iOS 17 health

While Analyst941 has leaked accurate information in the past, their track record is not long-term, and their claims should be viewed with skepticism until confirmed by Apple. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has also expressed doubt about some of the information shared by Analyst941.

Regardless of the authenticity of the leaked mockups, reliable rumors suggest updates for both the Wallet and Health apps. Gurman has confirmed that Apple is working on updates for the Wallet app. He has also stated that Apple is working on new features for the Health app, such as an expansion to the iPad and a mood-tracking feature.

In conclusion, the leaks from @analyst941 offer a glimpse into what we can expect from the iOS 17 update. While the accuracy of the mockups is uncertain, it’s clear that updates to the Wallet and Health apps are in the works, and users can look forward to better functionality and more features. We’ll know more when Apple unveils iOS 17 and other updates at the WWDC keynote on June 5.

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