iOS 18 allows you to lock individual apps with Face ID or Touch ID

Apple has consistently prioritized user privacy, and with iOS 18, they’ve introduced a fantastic new feature that empowers you to control access to your apps.

This update allows you to lock individual apps with Face ID or Touch ID and even hide them entirely from your home screen, adding an extra layer of security to your iPhone or iPad.

iOS 18

Here’s how it works in iOS 18:

  • Locking apps: You can lock any app with Face ID (or Touch ID on iPhone SE) by long-pressing on the app icon and selecting “Require Face ID.” This will prevent anyone from opening the app without your authorization.
  • Hiding apps: In addition to locking an app, you can also choose to hide it from your home screen. Hidden apps are placed in a special “Hidden” folder within the App Library. To access a hidden app, you’ll need to use Face ID or Touch ID within the App Library.

Benefits of locking and hiding apps
  • Enhanced privacy: By locking your apps, you can ensure that only you have access to your personal information and frequently used applications. This is especially useful for apps containing sensitive data, such as banking apps, social media, and email.
  • Improved organization: Hiding apps helps maintain a clean and organized home screen. This feature is perfect for users who want to keep their most-used apps easily accessible while hiding less frequently used ones.
  • Parental controls: Parents can use these features to control which apps their children can access. By locking and hiding certain apps, parents can create a safer digital environment for their kids.

Please note the following: Locking and hiding are two different options. You can lock an app without hiding it, or hide an app without locking it. It’s important to understand that not all apps can be hidden. Apple restricts the hiding of system apps and some third-party apps.

Additionally, even if you hide an app, it might still be visible in certain situations, such as search results or Siri suggestions.

Overall, the ability to lock and hide apps is a welcome addition to iOS 18 and gives users more control over their privacy.

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