iOS 18 introduces more charging limit options for iPhone 15 models

iOS 18 offers more granular control over charging limits for iPhone 15 models specifically. This feature is designed to improve battery health by reducing the amount of time your phone spends fully charged.

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Previously, with iOS 17, there was a single charging limit option – 80%. While this was a welcome addition, it might not have been ideal for everyone. For some users, 80% might be a bit too low, especially for those who need their phones fully charged throughout the day.

iOS 18 addresses this by offering a wider range of charging limit options: 80%, 85%, 90%, and 95%. This allows you to find the sweet spot between maximizing battery health and having enough charge for your daily needs.

Choosing the ideal limit involves a balancing act. A lower limit, like 80%, offers the most significant battery health benefits, but it might require more frequent charging throughout the day. Conversely, a higher limit, like 95%, provides more convenience but puts slightly more stress on the battery.

iOS 18 more charging limit options for iPhone 15

Finding the right charging limit for you

Here’s a breakdown to help you decide:

  • 80%: Ideal for users who prioritize maximizing battery lifespan and don’t mind plugging in more often.
  • 85%: A good middle ground, offering a balance between battery health and convenience.
  • 90%: Suitable for users who value convenience and are willing to accept a slight trade-off in terms of long-term battery health.
  • 95%: This option provides the most convenience but offers the least benefit for battery health.

Important considerations

  • Currently exclusive to iPhone 15: As of now, the new charging limit options are only available on iPhone 15 models with iOS 18.
  • Disabling optimized battery charging: When you enable a charging limit, Optimized Battery Charging, a feature that learns your charging habits and delays charging to minimize time spent at full charge, will be disabled.
  • Balancing convenience and battery health: There’s a trade-off to consider. While a lower charging limit improves battery health, it also means you might need to charge your phone more often.

Overall, the new charging limit options in iOS 18 are a welcome addition for iPhone 15 users. By giving you more control over your battery health, you can potentially extend the lifespan of your phone and avoid the dreaded “low battery” notification.

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