Photos in iOS 18: Clean Up, AI-powered memories, streamlined management and more

Apple has recently unveiled iOS 18, bringing a substantial overhaul to the Photos app, which now offers a revamped layout and AI-powered features like Clean Up.

iOS 18 photos

The Photos app in iOS 18 receives a significant overhaul, making it easier to manage and relive memories. A brand new “Clean Up” tool powered by Apple Intelligence allows you to remove unwanted objects from your photos, similar to features found in other editing apps.

Browsing photos is also streamlined. The app now features “collections,” which automatically group your photos by theme, eliminating the need for meticulous album creation. A customizable carousel highlights your daily moments, and you can pin specific collections for quick access.

Creating personalized memories is now easier than ever. Simply type a description for a new memory, and Apple Intelligence will automatically curate photos and videos based on your keywords. This AI system even crafts a storyline with chapters, transforming your photos into a cohesive narrative.

Apple Intelligence is the driving force behind many of iOS 18’s enhancements. This innovative AI system combines advanced models with your personal data to deliver relevant and helpful features across various apps on your iPhone, iPad, and even Mac. The Photos app benefits greatly from Apple Intelligence, with features like Clean Up and the creative Image Playground. This AI also elevates Siri’s capabilities, making it more natural and contextually aware.

Finally, the redesigned Photos app merges the Library and For You sections into a single, unified screen. This new layout offers a photo grid at the top for quick browsing, with thematically organized collections below. Additional categories like Receipts and Handwriting join the existing Utilities section, further enhancing the user experience.

The impact of iOS 18 extends beyond the Photos app. Users gain extensive control over their iPhone experience with significant customization options for the Home Screen, Lock Screen, and Control Center. On-device intelligence sorts emails in the Mail app for simpler inbox management. Messaging takes a leap forward with the ability to communicate via satellite when traditional connections are unavailable.

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