First Ever iPad 2 LCD Screen Available For Sale Online?

GlobalDirectParts is notorious for leaking lots of iPhone and iPad parts in the past for Apple‘s upcoming devices. Now, they have listed a bunch of iPad 2 parts for sale on their website which include an iPad 2 LCD screen, a vibrating motor, and a white iPad. Only the LCD screen thumbnail has been provided (given below) on the website while the vibrating motor and white iPad 2 are listed without any pictures. GlobalDirectParts also has a history of posting a YouTube video showing some iPhone 5 parts which was later taken down at the request of Apple.


According to MacRumors:

The first part listed is the “iPad 2 LCD Screen” which is “out of stock” but is listed for a price of $218.19. For comparison, the company also sells the original iPad screen for only $63.35. We can’t tell for sure when the part appeared on their site, but the image appears to have been uploaded this weekend after the 2048×1536 rumors broke.

The next interesting part is an iPad Vibrating Motor. No photo is provided, but it’s a curious part since the iPad currently has no vibrating motor.

Finally, the site also displays a White iPad on its Apple iPad 2 Parts page. The image is simply a thumbnail, and is believed to be from a concept image.

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[via MacRumors]

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