Apple’s Future Plans For Apple TV 3G, iPhone 5 And iPad 2!

Folks at Engadget have got some very interesting information from a highly reliable anonymous source regarding Apple‘s plans for its next generation product line including iPad 2, iPhone 5 and the Apple TV 3G. There is still no ETA on any of these products or much evidence about to what extent these rumors are true, but from the looks of it, they do sound pretty convincing. Let us briefly discuss these Apple gadgets of future one by one.

The Future Of iPhone 5:

With the recent release of Verizon CDMA iPhone 4, Apple is has made a major shift towards Qualcomm chipset for its CDMA radio instead of Infineon (as in iPhone 4 GSM version) possibly for all future GSM/CDMA iPhones and iPads. It would be safe to assume that the same chipset will be used in iPhone 5 which according to Engadget’s sources, is scheduled for release in summer of 2011. It will be a completely redesigned handset and is reported to be secretly under testing by senior staff within the Apple campus. It is rumored to incorporate Apple’s new A5 CPU (a Cortex A9-based, multi-core chip) and feature a Qualcomm chipset that does triple duty as the CDMA / GSM / UMTS baseband processor.


The Future Of iPad 2:

Engadget’s sources suggest that the iPad 2 isn’t nearly as close to launch as it is being speculated. All the leaked iPad 2 mockups and CES case were rather early versions of the final product. The device will most likely launch around April 2011 as a lot sleeker tablet with same 10 inches, yet a super high resolution screen if not actually Retina as posted earlier. In fact, the iPad 2 may well introduce a new screen technology similar to the Retina display. It will have both front and rear cameras with a built in SD slot instead of the more speculated USB slot. The rectangular notch shown in the photo below might suggest where the SD card slot will be located.


The Future Of Apple TV 3G:

It is in fact most interesting to find out that Apple is already at work on the Apple TV 3G which is quite an upgrade from the 2nd-gen Apple TV. It is rumored to include a newer A5 processor. The CPU is believed to be blazingly fast with ability to smoothly play 1080p content.

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