iPad 3 will likely have an upgraded screen based on nugget found in iOS 5 Beta!

Another nugget has been found in the latest iOS 5 build, showing a new screen resolution size. The current iPad has a resolution of 1024×768, but the new resolution is showing 2048×1536. This is not yet considered a Retina display, but it is far better than the current screen resolution.


The new screen dimension was found in a Twitter properties file, with Twitter being now fully integrated into iOS. Updated graphics were found in iOS 4 earlier as well, before the iPad 2 came out, but were dismissed by Apple as being a test run of the system. Now, Apple’s designers are stating the same, saying that these dimensions are a shot in the dark for the future, and have no relevance to a new Apple product.

However, these new dimensions found are a very strong indication that Apple will be bringing out a new iPad with updated graphics. Some rumors are saying that it will release 4th Quarter of this year, but my guess is still early next year. 7 months seems to quick of a refresh for Apple, especially one as big as a new iPad.

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[image via modmyi]

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