Unlocked iPhone 4 now available in the US for only $649

The iPhone is now available to anyone who uses a compatible GSM carrier for the iPhone. So T-Mobile users, go get your Micro Sim cutter and get your new phone. Oh, and you’ll probably need a loan for it’s steep price tag, of only $649. Wow! Really Apple? Do you think consumers will see that as a fair price for a phone. You could get an iPad for cheaper than that.

Unlocked iPhone 4 now available in the US for only $649

The $649 price tag is for the Black 16GB version, if you want more, it’s $749 for the 32GB iPhone. The benefits of the unlocked phone are obviously the ability to use it on other providers, and no contract needed. All you need is a Micro-Sim and an unlocked phone. Apple says it’s as easy as plugging the new phone into iTunes and running the setup.

Both Black and White models are available now.

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