iPad 3G jailbreak with Spirit demoed

It hasn’t even been a day since users have started getting their hands on the iPad 3G and it has already been jailbroken by the iPhone Dev-Team. Confirmation, pictures, and video have been released by MuscleNerd, from iPhone Dev Team, via a tweet:

Some pics of that JB iPad 3Ghttp://is.gd/bP0rE http://is.gd/bP0uBbut the video shows morehttp://is.gd/bOZqt . Backup your iPad3G blobs!iPad 3G

The first image shows Cydia and iSSH installed:


Terminal is shown running with root in the second image:


Here’s a video demonstration of the jailbreak in action:

The jailbreak demoed in the video is Spirit. Here are some useful things to know about it:

  • Spirit is an untethered jailbreak.
  • Spirit works on all devices.  (However, the redsn0w and PwnageTool flows will continue to work on those devices they’ve always worked on)
  • Spirit does not include a carrier unlock.  (Please don’t bug @comex about that)
  • Spirit requires your device to be activated or hacktivated

If you haven’t noticed already, it has been advised in the tweet as well as the video to backup your SHSH blobs if you plan on jailbreaking your iPad. This is very important so don’t forget this! Backing up blobs is useful in case you want to downgrade your firmware later. If you don’t backup, you’ll be unable to go back to a vulnerable firmware in case you accidentally upgrade to one that isn’t. We’ll have a guide up shortly on how to backup your SHSH blobs for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Spirit jailbreak should be out very soon. Stay tuned!

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