iPhone 11 leads the smartphone market with 37.7 million units sold in 2020

A new research report notes that iPhone 11 was the most sold smartphone in the first half of 2020. Although this year shows some major setbacks in consumers’ purchasing trends due to the COVID-19 global outbreak in February, Apple’s smartphone demand did not get a major hit.

Omdi’s smartphone market tracker reports that in Q2, 2020 Apple approximately, sold 37.7 million units of iPhone 11 which is 10.8 million more units than the iPhone XR. This makes it the world’s most shipped smartphone this year.

iPhone 11

iPhone 11

The current iPhone series offers base and Pro models, but the success of the iPhone 11 is attributed to its affordable price and hardware improvements in Omdi’s report. Retailing for $699, the cost of the most sold smartphone is $50 less than iPhone XR.

For that price point, iPhone 11 is powered by a fast processing chip and offers new features like a dual-camera system for higher quality pictures, night mode, and support for 4k video shooting and editing and longer battery life.

“Like iPhone XR last year, the cheapest of the 2019 iPhones ranked first in global shipments this year. Despite the impact of Covid-19 in the first half of this year and the movement restrictions imposed in various countries along with it, and production disruptions, iPhone 11 shipped 10.8 million more units than last year’s No. 1, iPhone XR.

A key driver for the success of iPhone 11 is the lower starting price. iPhone 11 launched $50 cheaper than the previous iPhone XR while adding significant hardware improvements, like a dual-lens camera. iPhone XR did not feature such upgrades.”

iPhone 11

Top 10 most shipped smartphones in 2020

Apple dominated the mobile market in the first half of this year. 5 out of 10 most shipped smartphones are iPhone models. Most interestingly, the new iPhone SE is at number 5 most shipped mobile which the company’s lowest-priced phone with new features and technology.

“The addition of iPhone SE (2020) to Apple’s portfolio in April of this year helped the company position four models in the global top 10 list. iPhone SE, a new budget iPhone, shipped 8.7 million units in the second quarter – good enough for 5th in first half shipment volume. Growing consumer anxiety over the economic downturn due to Covid-19 and consumer demand for a small-sized iPhone are key drivers of successful market entry of iPhone SE.”

  • iPhone 11- 37.7 million
  • Galaxy A51- 11.4 million units
  • Redmi Note 8- 11 million
  • Redmi Note 8 Pro- 10.2 million
  • 2020 iPhone SE- 8.7 million
  • iPhone XR- 8 million
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max- 7.7 million
  • Redmi 8A- 7.3 million
  • Redmi 8- 6.8
  • iPhone 11 Pro- 6.7

iPhone SE

Interestingly, a mid-range tech manufacturer, Xiaomi’s smartphones are competing with Apple and Samsung in 3rd place of the top 10 most sold smartphones.

With innovative products designed to improve users’ experience, Apple has grown to be the first American company to achieve a $2 trillion market value. The much anticipated and slightly delay the launch of the upcoming flagship iPhone 12 series with 5G network technology is speculated to sell at least 75 million units this year.

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