iPhone 11 survives 7m submergence in a lake for a week

According to Apple, iPhone 11 is water resistant to a depth of 2 meters for up to 30 minutes. But a Brazilian diver retrieved a functional iPhone 11 submerged at 7-meters depth in a lake for a week which shows that the model can survive more depth and for a longer period of time.

Previously, a working iPhone 11 Pro Max was recovered from a lake after a year but the smartphone survived such an extended submergence because it was in a waterproof casing. However, the recently rescued iPhone 11 was not.

iPhone 11

iPhone 11 recovered from a lake in working condition

According to G1 Globo, a Brazilian student, Breno Rafael had dropped his iPhone 11 in Lake Paranoá, Brasília while saving a drowning woman. He recalled:

“I was on Lake Paranoá doing a kayak trip when I saw a girl drowning, asking for help. I immediately jumped out of the kayak to help her. I was wearing a vest and with my cell phone. I jumped to help, managed to take the girl to the shore of the lake “, says Breno.

Luckily a week after, a diving instructor Edinho Rocha found the smartphone at 7 meters depth during a night dive with his students which was surprisingly still working. But finding the real owner was not easy. 

As the iPhone was blocked, Rocha recorded a video and posted it on social media which eventually made its way to Rafael who quickly unlocked the phone to prove it belonged to him.

The two met last week. Edinho even joked with Breno because the cell phone was blocked and only if he was the owner would he be able to unlock it. The student immediately unlocked the cell phone, which is still working.

iPhone 11

Apple discontinued iPhone 11 which means the company no longer officially sells iPhone 11 series at its stores but it is available at third-party retailers like Amazon, BestBuy, and eBay starting from $399.

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