iPhone 12 put through intense water test with varying results

Apple claims that the iPhone 12 can withstand up to 6 meters of water for 30 minutes, CNET decided to test this claim with different experiments in a new video. In the first test, the iPhone was taken to 19.6 feet of water for 30 minutes, and the second test was to see if the iPhone 12 can survive below 65 feet underwater.

The experiment took place at the shore of Lake Tahoe, where the phone was positioned on a mount facing the drone’s camera with the screen on to see if anything happens to the iPhone while it is underwater.

iPhone 12 CNET water test

iPhone 12 put through a series of water tests

In the initial test, after being submerged for 30 minutes in 19.6 feet of water at 52 degrees Fahrenheit, the iPhone 12 worked pretty normally, however, the speaker sounded ‘a little muffled’ in comparison to how it sounded before. But, more important things like the buttons, touchscreen, and cameras functioned properly.

In the second test, the phone was submerged 65 feet underwater at 50 degrees Fahrenheit for 40 minutes.

Surprisingly, everything worked as normal. The screen was responsive, the volume and power buttons worked, and the two cameras were in working order as well. The speaker still sounded muffled when playing back the voice memo, but it was still audible.

After 72 hours of drying the iPhone, it developed fogging underneath the front and rear cameras. Moreover, it also displayed a Diagnostics prompt on the screen, and there was no way to evade it.

Our highly unscientific test would suggest that the iPhone 12 can withstand very deep water and clearly meets the IP68 claim. But, like all electronics, it does have a limit to how much water it can take and you should never intentionally submerge the phone in water (lake or otherwise).

Users should be very careful because even though iPhone 12 is IP68 rated waterproof, Apple does not provide any sort of warranty for liquid damage. The full water test video from CNET can be seen here:

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