Possible iPhone 12 battery certification indicates lower capacity than iPhone 11 series

MySmartPrice has spotted possible battery certifications for the upcoming iPhone 12 series. These battery certifications clearly indicate that the upcoming iPhones will have batteries with lesser capacities than the current iPhone 11 series.

The new batteries were identified by MySmartPrice as model numbers A2471, A2431, and A2466. They appear on China’s 3C, Safety Korea, and Danish agency UL Demko.

iPhone 12

Battery capacities for iPhone 12 series

Apple is expected to launch 4 new iPhones this fall, including one 5.4-inch model, one 6.7-inch model, and two 6.1-inch models. MySmartPrice has shared different capacities for each model, assuming that the 6.1-inch models will share the same battery. Here is what users can expect:

  • iPhone 12‌ (5.4-inch) – A2471 – 2,227mAh
  • ‌iPhone 12‌ Max (6.1-inch) – A2431 – 2,775mAh
  • ‌iPhone 12‌ Pro (6.1-inch) – A2431 – 2,775mAh
  • ‌iPhone 12‌ Pro Max (6.7-inch) – A2466 – 3,687mAh

iPhone 12 Pro

The company had improved the batteries for its iPhone 11 lineup, with iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max having heavier and thicker batteries. This was a huge step up from the previous iPhone XS and XS Max models. The 2,658 mAh battery in iPhone XS was upgraded to a 3,046 mAh battery in iPhone 11 Pro. Similarly, iPhone XS Max’s 3,174 mAh battery was upgraded to 3,969 mAh in iPhone 11 Pro Max. iPhone 11 Pro Max has the largest battery life in any iPhone model, lasting up to 5 hours longer than the iPhone XS Max on each charge.

The rumored iPhone 12 models for 2020 could have a higher battery demand than Apple’s previous phones because of 5G networking, meaning that the company will have to make some serious improvements to make them last as long as the current iPhone 11 series.

If these leaked battery certifications are indeed for the upcoming iPhones, it will disappoint many users eagerly waiting for the next iPhone. Personally, I think if users are willing to pay a huge chunk of their money for Apple’s new phones, the company will not be doing justice to its users by allowing its phones to run with these kinds of batteries, especially after its big upgrade in iPhone 11.

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