As iPhone 12 holds its value well, it is predicted that the new iPhone 13 would too – Report

With iPhone 13 series expected to launch in September, SellCell evaluated the price depreciation of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 series to know if it will be wise to switch to the new model. For analysis, data of iPhone 11 and 12 depreciation were compared “to better understand whether the iPhone 13 is likely to retain its value and prove to be a strong asset for consumers.” The data analysis revealed that iPhone 12 holds its value better than iPhone 11.

Even so, the iPhone 12 handsets have retained their value very well during their six-month life-cycle. Each handset has performed better than its iPhone 11 equivalent.

iPhone 12

Like the iPhone 12, the upcoming iPhone 13 will be a good purchase – The one that holds value

Unlike the usual September iPhone launch timeframe, iPhone 12 series’ launch was delayed to October 2020 because of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the low-spending consumer trend during the global health crisis, the latest flagship series had better than expected sales. The series was a hit with the consumers because of its redesigned flat edge-to-edge body, and advanced features like A14 Bionic chip, 5G network support, ceramic shield protection, improved camera system with an ultra-wide lens, and Dolby Vision support, and more. Therefore, the current iPhone series holds its value better than its predecessor series. The analysis revealed:


  • Both the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 ranges lose on—average—40 – 50% of their value within the first four weeks of launch.
  • Post iPhone 12 launch, the iPhone 11 range lost a further 8% of its value within three months and 10% of its value within nine months.
  • Despite an initial steep reduction in value, the iPhone 11 range exhibits a steadying in its depreciation, retaining value well.
  • The iPhone 12 range improves the performance of its predecessor. Six months following launch sees the iPhone 12 range losing 34.5% of its value, while the iPhone 11 range lost 43.8% over the same time period. The iPhone 12 range is currently holding 9.3% more value than the iPhone 11 range did six months post-launch.
  • The iPhone 12 Mini has depreciated the most from the iPhone 12 range of handsets, losing 41.0% after six months. This is almost 9% more on average than the other devices evaluated.

iPhone 12


In terms of retaining value the iPhone 12 is a good purchase decision, even more so than the iPhone 11. The iPhone 13 should therefore also be a sound choice. Given that iPhones across the 11 and 12 series have retained more value than any other smartphone brand, it should be clear that the next iPhone in the series, the iPhone 13, will follow suit and also reserve value well.

Not only that, but the 12 series has seen better value retention than the previous iPhone 11 series over the same six-month period. If the 13 follows suit, then the 2021 Apple handset line may continue the trend started by the 2020 range of iPhones, showing greater value retention.

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