iPhone 12 Reviews Round-up: Did the new 6.1-inch iPhone wow the industry?

The new 6.1-inch iPhone 12 is launched in a new flat edge-to-edge design and thinner bezels to achieve a larger display than its predecessor, iPhone 11. Powered by the fastest smartphone processor, A14 Bionic chip, the new iPhone 12 supports 5G networks, has an OLED display with ceramic shield front cover protection, dual-camera system with new Night mode support in wide and ultra-wide cameras, and much more.

Starting at $699, the smartphone is available in new colors like green and blue along with black, white, and product red options. On October 16, the iPhone 12 was available for pre-order on Apple’s online store and owners have been receiving their smartphones. We have compiled a review round-up of the model by tech analysts.

iPhone 12

6.1-inch iPhone 12 Review Round-Up

The Verge

Giving the smartphone 9/10, reviewer Dieter Bohn listed good points outweighed the bad ones. The phone’s “excellent camera, elegant design, upgraded display, and promising MagSafe ecosystem” impressed Bohn but the 5G cost, smaller battery, and higher price tag were the

In conclusion, Bohn wrote,

“The iPhone 12 is the first iPhone in several years that really does feel like something new. But I can’t point to any specific single feature that makes it feel that way. The 5G is fine. MagSafe is convenient, but we’ll have to see if there’s a real ecosystem there. The OLED screen is lovely but also kind of table stakes for smartphones these days. The new design is elegant and modern, but it’s hard to tell you to buy a phone because it’s pretty.

But when the time comes for you to get a new phone and if you end up with this iPhone 12, I think you’re going to love it.”


Reviewing the iPhone 12’s design, camera for photos and videos, 5G network, and MagSafe accessories, Mattew Panzarino wrote,


“The iPhone 12 is fun, bright and utilitarian. The PVD coatings of the stainless steel are deep and rich on the Pro — but they gather fingerprints like they were in the business of collecting evidence. One last note, the squared-off sides make it far easier to grip and to pick up from a flat surface

It’s pleasant, durable and attractive.


The Ultra Wide is sharper edge-to-edge, crisper overall and has some very judiciously applied perspective correction built in to make sure that you don’t get distracting distortion along architectural lines in your images.

The Ultra Wide lens getting Night Mode is hot, I’m glad this made the cut this year. The results mirror what you’d expect to see from the Wide camera, which is nice.

iPhone 12


But, for most people, the iPhone 12 is a really stellar buy. Its bright colors, lightweight but sound construction and improved camera make it the ‘easy choice’ for those confused by Apple’s broad current lineup.”


Chris Velazco at Engadget is of the opinion that “the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro aren’t just this year’s phones, they’re the beginning of a new era at Apple.” Giving a thumbs up to the new iPad Pro like design, improved Super Retina XDR display, 5G network performance, and new cameras of the 6.1-inch model of the flagship series, Velazco was unimpressed with the battery performance, 5G support of iOS and apps, and camera’s flexibility.

All in all Velazco’s assessment is,

“This year’s iPhone 12 is a huge leap by almost every measure from the iPhone 11. And better still, the gap between the 12 and the Apple’s Pro iPhones has closed dramatically. The iPhone 12’s blend of design, performance and price make it as close to a no-brainer as possible, though people who loved the iPhone 11’s battery life will be a little disappointed. Even so, we have no doubt that for most people, the iPhone 12 is absolutely the right choice.”

iPhone 12


YouTuber iJustine got hands on the new green iPhone 12 and MagSafe cases and charger. After testing the cameras’ HDR quality for photos and videos, she was impressed with the captured/recorded details in daylight and the Night mode in the wide and ultra-wide.

The 5G network delivers faster download speed, wherever the network is available and Justine liked that the magnets of the MagSafe charger were “very strong”.

Marques Brownlee

Last but not the least, famous YouTuber MKBHD unboxed the iPhone 12 and became a fan of the new “industrial design” like the 2020 iPad Pro and older iPhone 4 models. He also liked the matte aluminum sides and that the smartphone is more grip-able.

Talking about this year’s thinner iPhone 12 box, he was supportive of the environmental reasons for the removal of the charging brick but mentioned that one iPhone 11 owners will have a USB-C to Lightning cable adaptors.

iPhone 12

However, he was not sure about the change in color gradients of the Product Red option which appears to be the “least red” of all the variations. The magnetic grip of MagSafe accessories was underwhelming for Brownlee, especially of the wallets which slipped off the iPhone’s back when placed in the pocket.

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