iPhone 13 sales continue to be strong while competitors see low demand

According to a new report, sales of Apple’s iPhone 13 are still strong despite the global smartphone market experiencing lower shipments. The upcoming iPhone 14 lineup is expected to see even higher demand at launch.

iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini

Global smartphone market experiencing a dip in shipments but iPhone 13 still faring well

Sources have told Reuters that ”iPhone sales have continued to do well in July despite signs of cooling market demand for other smartphone makers.”

“Others are starting to take a hit,” one of the sources said.

The second source said July shipments for the iPhone 13 from one factory were a third higher than July last year. That pattern was especially unusual because sales of current iPhone models tend to slow down in July and August as consumers await new models that Apple traditionally releases in September.

“Judging by shipment, sales of iPhone 13 are fairly good,” the second source said.

The publication goes on to note that the iPhone 13 continued to sell well late into its cycle because “China demand rebounded sharply after lockdowns ended and the iPhone was a beneficiary” of a shopping holiday in China last month.

iPhone 13

Reuters concludes by saying analysts are expecting iPhone 13 shipments to take a dip but it will likely continue to perform better than competitors.

For the just-ended fiscal third quarter, some Wall Street analysts are bracing for a slight decline in iPhone 13 shipments even if volumes are higher at some individual factories. But analysts still expect the iPhone to fare better than rivals.

In related news, Apple led the global best-selling smartphone with its iPhone 13 and other models, followed by Samsung, according to data gathered by Counterpoint Research. The top 10 models captured 21% of the total smartphone market, with Apple capturing 12.3% of the market.

Counterpoint also said that the standard iPhone 13 has “maintained a lead every month since launch and has done better than the Pro variants in terms of sales in most large markets.”

Barring any delays, the lineup is on track for a September release.

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