iPhone 13 line-up will have smaller batteries, thanks to soft board batteries

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that the next year’s iPhone 13 could have smaller batteries, because of the use of new technology called soft board batteries. Kuo has been very active in providing predictions of future Apple products. He also adds that if the company goes in this direction, it will be the first to use this technology.

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Thanks to soft board batteries, iPhone 13 will have smaller batteries

The new iPhone 13 lineup will have smaller batteries because of a new technology called soft board batteries, according to Kuo. He further adds that these new soft board batteries will be supplied by Jialianyi and this will make the company double its Apple business because of these batteries. As per the note:

Benefiting from the return to Apple’s full product line soft board supply chain, we predict that Jialianyi’s Apple business revenue will grow by about 100% YoY or above in 2021.

Jialianyi is expected to obtain about 40-50% of orders for battery soft boards for iPhone 13 and 13 mini. We predict that iPhone 13 will be the first iPhone model to adopt battery soft board technology, which will help save internal space and reduce costs.

The battery soft and hard version suppliers for the iPhone 12 series include Xinxing, Huatong, Yaohua, and TTM, and the battery soft board suppliers for the iPhone 13 series are changed to Jialianyi, Xinxing, and Huatong.

“We believe that the number of battery panels for the iPhone 13 series is reduced due to the reduced number of suppliers, which will benefit the long-term profits of the suppliers. As a new entrant, Jialianyi is the biggest beneficiary of the new series series’ switch to battery soft board design.

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The new batteries will carry fewer layers than other batteries which means that either Apple could adjust more capacity into the same space, or make the devices slimmer by maintaining capacity through thinner batteries. 

Kuo also predicts that we might get to see the first iPad with a mini LED screen in the first half of next year and in the same timeframe we could witness the launch of third-generation AirPods consisting of a similar design to the current AirPods Pro.

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It is also highly expected that Apple will use mini LED in next year’s Macs and iPad. Mini LED is a more refined form of backlighting for LCD screens, providing many of the same benefits of an OLED display like batter power-efficiency, deeper blacks, higher contrast ratio, and increased brightness. However, mini LED is somewhat better than OLED in a couple of ways; lower risk of burn-in and greater longevity.

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