iPhone 14 Pro always-on display converts into an Apple TV Remote

A feature that Apple did not talk about is that iPhone 14 Pro always-on display can convert into an Apple TV remote, that always stays visible. This is a well-thought-out use of the always-on display, as revealed by CNBC in their review of the iPhone 14 Pro.

always-on display iPhone 14 Pro Apple TV Remote

Apple TV Remote on iPhone 14 Pro

When talking about the always-on display, Sofia Pitt of CNBC mentioned how the display appears as if it’s turned on all the time, which is different than Samsung and Google’s Android implementation. On Android, the always-on display always turns black, with the time and other notifications displayed in text and iconography.

On iPhone 14 Pro, users see their lock screen with its full functionality, including the widgets of their choice, but it still manages to provide exceptional battery life and avoid display burn-in. You can read more about iPhone 14 Pro’s always-on display and how it works.

One neat trick that Apple did not announce during the launch event, or share on its website, is that when the Apple TV Remote app is in use on the iPhone 14 Pro, it continues to show and remain active, thanks to the always-on display. 

The only time I really liked using the always-on display was when I was watching “House of the Dragon” on HBO Max and needed to access my Apple TV remote. Instead of having to open the Apple Remote every time I needed to pause, the always-on display meant the remote stayed on my iPhone screen. It was as if the actual remote, which I always seem to lose, was right next to me.

This seems like the type of feature that we would love to use as Apple TV users, as it removes the worry of battery drain on the iPhone, or burn-in, as the always-on display downclocks refresh rate to 1Hz. This means that the display still refreshes but at a very slow rate. The OLED display also means that the black pixels are not active, which should help conserve power.

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