Deep Purple iPhone 14 Pro Max unboxing video hits YouTube

An unboxing video of a Deep Purple iPhone 14 Pro Max has appeared on YouTube, much earlier than the reviews or shipping date. The video is not in English but provides a nice look at the deep purple color, the thinner bezels, Dynamic Island, packaging, camera, always-on display, and other features.

Deep Purple iPhone 14 Pro Max

Early iPhone 14 Pro Max hands-on video

There is not much we can make out of the video other than the iPhone 14 Pro Max looks great in the new color. It also has slightly more display resolution than iPhone 13 Pro Max, which is clear by the slightly thinner bezels. The Dynamic Island also looks as smooth and seamless as it was in Apple’s videos.

The camera is not really shown properly in the video, so there’s not much to take away here. One important thing we noticed was that when the YouTuber takes a screenshot on the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the capture shows the Dynamic Island. This is not the case with other iPhone models with notches, as they do not appear in screenshots. We wonder if this is a bug or Apple includes this on the new iPhone 14 Pro models to show off the feature.

We will find out more soon as the review embargo drops today. Meanwhile, check out the hands-on video below:


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