iPhone 14 Pro camera review: resolution jump to “fundamentally change” iPhone photography

This Apple has widened the gap between standard and Pro iPhone models. The new iPhone 14 Pro camera offers a big resolution increase with 48MP and improved Ultra Wide and Telephoto lenses from 12MP on iPhone 13 Pro.

Renowned professional photographer Austin Mann tested the iPhone 14 Pro camera on terrains of Scotland and concludes that the huge jump in resolution is going to “fundamentally change” how pictures of iPhone are shot. He is excitedly waiting to see the iPhone photography community’s creative projects using the high resolution, Action mode, 4K Cinematic mode, and other Pro camera features.

iPhone 14 Pro camera

Here is how iPhone 14 Pro camera performed in the mountains and ocean of Scotland

The photos captured in 48MP in the beautiful mountains of Scotland during the daytime had more details and sharpness. Mann found that the sizes of 48-megapixel ProRAW DNG files are around 80MB, with the smallest files as low as 45MB and the biggest being 115MB. The image pixel dimensions of the 48 MP files are 8064×6048.

To reduce noise and eliminate distractions, Mann said that he 100% crops images captured with traditional pro cameras but never before cropped iPhone photos because of lack of resolution. But the 48MP has changed that.

iPhone 14 Pro camera

iPhone 14 Pro camera

Mann also states that the higher pixels have not only opened doors for creative cropping but also for printing iPhone photos in a larger format.

I was excited to see this massive jump in megapixels in the iPhone 14 Pro as it will open doors to capture more detail, crop in on images, and also open up new possibilities for larger format prints at higher DPIs.

iPhone 14 Pro camera

In low-light conditions, iPhone 14 Pro camera automatically switches from 48MP to 12MP for “much better image fidelity”. The stepping down in pixels increases the pixel size effectively to keep the “image grain smoother and the detail sharper”.

iPhone 14 Pro camera

iPhone 14 Pro camera

The Night mode on iPhone 14 Pro camera system offers a “modest but noticeable” improvement compared to iPhone 13 Pro.

I generally found the iPhone 14 Pro would stay in normal mode and not switch to Night mode until the scene was very dark, and when Night mode does finally kick on, the exposure times were about half of the iPhone 13 Pro.

Take a look below and you’ll see a modest but noticeable improvement in detail in the green plants, as well as edge sharpness on the mountain in the distance.

iPhone 14 Pro camera

iPhone 14 Pro camera

The new Action mode delivers much more stable videos but it works much better in the daytime and outdoor settings because it requires more light.

Updated Cinematic mode with support for video recording in 24fps and in 4K brings the feature closer to “being a tool filmmakers can actually use in their workflow.”

Mann concludes that the new updates have made iPhone 14 Pro camera a powerful tool for creativity. And the addition of new safety features Emergency SOS via satellite and Crash Detection have won his over.

With high-resolution imaging capability, Action mode stabilization, and a Cinematic mode that now supports 4K at 24 fps, the iPhone 14 Pro is a powerful imaging tool in the pocket of a creative pro. Beyond the cameras, new safety features like Emergency SOS via satellite and crash detection are exciting to have with me (and with my loved ones).

Now I’m just hoping we see some monster steps forward in the digital workflow so we can quickly get these beautiful files off our cameras and into our projects to share with the world!

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