iPhone 15 to require MFi certified accessories for USB-C access, claims leaker

Initially, it was reported that only iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models will feature a USB-C port, but recently rumors claim that the entire iPhone 15 series will support USB-C connectivity.

Corroborating those reports, Apple leaker @ShrimpApplePro says that the tech company is continuing with its Made For iPhone (MFi) program as it transitions upcoming iPhones from Lighting to USB-C.

iPhone 15 - MFi program

Apple’s MFi program gives access to its technology to third-party manufacturers to develop hardware accessories that connect electronically with its products like iPhone, iPad, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, and others. However, the company charges a fee from the accessory markers to get certified access to its parts and technologies like the upcoming iPhone 15 USB-C port.

Apple’s partner Foxconn mass producing MFi certified USB-C accessories for iPhone 15

The same rumor was recently shared on Weibo, a Chinese social networking site claiming that the performance of the new iPhone 15’s USB-C port would rely on Apple MFi-certified accessories which would limit the compatibility of uncertified third-party accessories.

Confirming that report, the new leak states that the uncertified third-party accessories would be limited in data and charging speeds. 

Having said that it also puts consumers at ease by sharing that third-party manufacturer Foxconn is already producing MFi-certified USB-C compatible headphones and cables for the new iPhone series.

This is good news for consumers because third-party accessories like charging cable offer cheaper alternatives to Apple accessories and also ensure that those MFi-certified accessories are optimized for the new hardware.

For years, the tech company has ignored iPhone users’ requests to transition iPhone to USB-C ports like the latest iPad, AirPods, and MacBook models and is only doing so now because of the EU’s new rules.

It was assumed that Apple was reluctant to make the switch because of the MFi program which charged a fee from third-party manufacturers to develop certified Lighting accessories for iPhones. As the company has included iPhone 15’s USB-C port in the program, it could have made the switch years ago.

In 2021, Apple introduced ‘Find My Certification Asst’ app for Made for iPhone (MFi) Licensees. The new app was designed for developers to test the compatibility of their accessories with iPhone’s Find My network and added support for third-party devices like trackers, headphones, and others with the Find My app.

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