iPhone 15 Pro teardown reveals improved repairability and larger battery

An iPhone 15 Pro teardown by the YouTube channel PBKreview has not only shed light on the internal changes of Apple’s new Pro iPhone, but it has has revealed that the iPhone 15 Pro models are potentially more repairable than their predecessors.

iPhone 15 Pro teardown

iPhone 15 Pro repairs easier thanks to titanium chassis, but Apple favors authorized technicians

PBKreviews, in their detailed teardown video, has given Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro an impressive repairability score of 7 out of 10.

The key highlight of this teardown is the redesigned titanium mid-frame chassis, which simplifies the process of removing the back glass panel during repairs. This design tweak is significant because it can potentially make DIY or third-party repairs more accessible and cost-effective.

iphone 15 pro teardown 2

However, it’s essential to remember that Apple’s ecosystem is not the most welcoming when it comes to third-party repairs. As PBKreviews rightly points out, most Apple parts are proprietary and tightly locked down. Even if you manage to replace a component, it might trigger error messages or not function correctly, emphasizing the importance of using genuine Apple-sourced parts.

Apple has been steadily implementing measures to ensure that repairs are conducted by authorized technicians. Starting with the iPhone 11 series in 2019, Apple introduced a system to verify if a replacement screen was installed by an authorized repairer. This concept was later expanded to include repaired cameras, both aimed at enhancing user trust and discouraging the use of subpar or unauthorized repair components.

When it comes to the battery, the teardown confirms the iPhone 15 Pro’s 3,274 mAh capacity, slightly larger than the iPhone 14 Pro’s 3,200 mAh battery. Surprisingly, despite the bump in battery size, Apple claims both devices offer the same impressive battery life, with up to 23 hours of offline video playback.

iPhone 15 Pro battery

Unfortunately, this teardown didn’t delve into the iPhone 15 Pro’s new tetraprism lens system, responsible for the device’s 5x optical zoom, as it primarily focused on the internal components.

While PBKreviews has provided valuable insights, we can anticipate a more comprehensive teardown from iFixit in the coming weeks, offering a deeper dive into the iPhone 15 Pro’s internals.

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