The 3 best personal safety apps for iPhone

iPhone users can use their devices beyond a communication tool, as it can even enhance users’ personal safety. If users need safety when they find themselves in dangerous places or situations and want to enhance their personal safety.

Users can download the personal safety apps listed below to their iPhones which provide safety and peace of mind with immediate communication and access to emergency services. iPhone personal safety apps

Here are the three best iPhone apps that can keep you protected


Noonlight provides personal safety when you feel unsafe or have an immediate emergency. It features advanced technology to alert emergency personnel of the user’s exact location with the release of a button, and an easy-to-use “dead man’s switch” for unsafe situations, user can press and hold a button to confirm that they are safe, and a response is triggered if users let go of the button before the user can disarm it.

Noonlight is perfect for users who are meeting strangers through online dating apps. The app lets users add a note to their timeline and create a safety network of contacts whom users choose to track their movement and alert them in emergencies.

Noonlight also provides great vital information to first responders in any case of emergency like photos, age, medical conditions, etc. To help responders provide immediate and efficient care for users.

Noonlight is available on the App Store. The service starts from $1.99 for SafeTrek to $29.99 for a premium subscription. 

Noonlight iPhone


WalkSafe+ is a personal app to provide users with the necessary safety tools to make informed decisions about their personal safety. The app uses up-to-date features and police data to help users choose the safest route when walking on their daily journeys.

WalkSafe+ allows users to create a trusted circle of friends with whom users can share their location as well as an SOS button feature to alert all friends in their circle in case of an emergency.

The app also informs users of street crime in their designated area with information based on verified police crime data. And provides Hotspot Alerts to alert users when they walk near high crime or extremely dangerous areas. 

WalkSafe is available to download on the App Store with no In-App purchases required.


UrSafe is a personal safety app designed to keep users safe everywhere. The first and only hands-free app includes voice-activated personal safety and is fully integrated to keep users safe all the time. UrSafe uses smart technology which allows users to set personal safewords and trigger different responses based on the severity of the emergency.

The app also provides friends and family location updates to allow users to see others’ locations in real-time, an SOS option, and a user’s “silent bodyguard in their pocket” which can be triggered milliseconds after users designated safeword is activated.

UrSafe is available on the App Store. In-App Purchases start from $0.99 for single use, to $4.99 for premium.

Keep in mind, make sure to test all apps in advance to ensure they work efficiently in a true emergency when really needed.
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