LG to supply Apple with MicroLED displays for Apple Watch

Recently, there have been many reports regarding future Apple Watch models with microLED displays. According to display analyst Ross Young, LG will supply Apple with custom-designed microLED displays for Apple Watch.

Apple Watch microLED displays LG

Future Apple Watch models to come with MicroLED displays

In a new tweet, Young revealed that LG Display is building a small production line to provide Apple with microLED displays for a model of the Apple Watch that will go on sale in 2025. Opening in the second half of 2024, the factory is expected to supply microLED backplanes and build Apple’s displays. Young claimed earlier this week that Apple will release an Apple Watch with a microLED display in the spring of 2025.

We published in our November Capex Report that LGD is building a small line for microLED backplanes for the Apple Watch. It doesn’t start production till 2H’24. It is this small line that will likely assemble microLEDs from Apple for ’25 launch. Apple won’t do the full process.

Young made a point to highlight that Apple will continue to rely on its supplier for microLED displays after Bloomberg recently claimed that Apple is working on in-house displays for future Apple Watch models. The move will reportedly help the Cupertino tech giant reduce its reliance on suppliers and cut operational costs.

Analyst Jeff Pu recently said that Apple is working on a new high-end Apple Watch which could use a bigger, 2.1-inch micro-LED display, giving enhanced brightness in comparison to existing Apple Watch models with OLED screens. This device would most likely be an updated version of the 1.92-inch Apple Watch Ultra, which was introduced in September of last year.

Apple Watch Ultra

MicroLED technology uses tiny LEDs to create pixels, improving efficiency while providing more accurate color, high contrast for better HDR and viewing in poor lighting conditions, support for wider viewing angles, less chance of screen burn-in, low latency for higher refresh rates, and support for wider viewing angles.

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