iPhone 6s has more new hardware features and upgrades than most other 2015 Android flagship

iPhone 6s launch during the September 9 event introduced a lot of new upgrades for one of the most popular smartphones in the world. 3D Touch, improved 12mMP camera, 4K video support and much more. As usual, people have been making fun of the same outer body of the iPhone, claiming that there are not enough new features in iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

iPhone 6s

After every iPhone launch, there are tons of people and companies who are ready to mock the iPhone. Specially with the s releases, where external looks stay the same as the previous release – this becomes a big reason for users to to sharpen their pitch forks.

However, if you compare iPhone 6s with other flagship phones launched this year, it is only second to the Motorola Moto X in the number of hardware upgrades it has received. Jack March has compiled a table which illustrates the comparison perfectly:


The table contains only the features that are newer than the flagship’s previous generation release. So technically, Samsung Galaxy S6 had a few downgrades in terms of battery life, removable battery, water resistance and expandable storage. Where as, for iPhone 6S, all the 6 features listed are just upgrades – users are not losing any of the features that they loved from the previous generation as is the case with Samsung’s offerings.

This table should resolve the argument about Apple not adding enough new features to new iPhones. However, we know that is definitely not possible as long as the smartphone wars are alive.

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