Inside the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus – iFixit teardown

iFixit, the popular website which loves to teardown every new device, got their hands on the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus and opened them up to see what is inside Apple’s newest smartphones. iFixit had to send its people over to Australia to get the new iPhone 6s as early as possible.

iPhone 6s opened up

While iPhone 6s is similar to iPhone 6 from the outside, the internals have gotten a fair number of changes. 3D Touch enabled Retina Display, taptic engine, A9 chip, increased RAM, TouchID, improved cameras and batteries in slightly smaller capacities round up the major updates. Both iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are slightly larger than their predecessors, the difference being only a few millimeters. The new phones are also heavier thanks to the 3D Touch enabled displays with the iPhone 6s display weighing 60gm, which is 15gm more than iPhone 6, and iPhone 6s Plus display weighing 80gm, making it 20gm heavier than iPhone 6 Plus’ display.

X-ray of the new Taptic Engine in iPhone 6s which reaches peak output after just one oscillation

iFixit always gives a repairability score to the devices after teardown which is a measure of how easy is the device to fix. Both iPhone 6s and 6s Plus get a score of 7/10 which is expected from most Apple products. They are not the easiest to open up and put back together due to their construction.

Check out the videos of the teardowns below:

iPhone 6s teardown. See more photos and read more details on iFixit

iPhone 6s Plus teardown. See more photos and read more details on iFixit

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