Several iPhone owners report an intermittent touch issue on iOS 15

Multiple users are reporting an intermittent touch issue on iPhones running on the latest iOS 15 update. Presumably, a bug is affecting the screen’s touch sensitivity which does not respond even after several taps.

This is a new iOS 15 issue that has surfaced on social media. Previously known iOS 15 issues are an ‘iPhone storage full’ error when the mobile has adequate storage space, AirPod Pro owners can not disable the Active Noise Cancellation feature via Siri, when the new iPhone 13 models, iPad 9, and iPad mini are configured via backup, the widget’s settings are reverted to default settings and iPhone 13 users can not use ‘unlock iPhone with Apple watch’ feature.

iOS 15

The iOS 15 touch issue is affecting iPhone 13 and older iPhone models

We can rule out a manufacturing defect as the cause of the irresponsible screens because owners of iPhone 13 and older iPhone models are experiencing the same issue. According to reports on Apple Support, Twitter and Reddit, the affected iPhones do not wake on tap/touch and system-wide and in-app touch is also intermittently unresponsive. Relaunching an app or restarting the mobile work as a temporary fix.

Apple Support’s response on Twitter to complaints is very generic, the affected users are inquired about the issue and suggest restarting the device as a fix.

Hello. That doesn’t sound like what we would expect and we’d like to hear more. Does this happen on all apps or this particular app? Does restarting help, even temporarily? Let us know in DM and we’ll go from there.

iOS 15 rollout is not as smooth as Apple might have hoped for. Even Spotify app on iOS 15 is causing a major battery drain and overheating issues. A recent controversy about the latest update also made news, when a security researcher went public about three zero-day vulnerabilities he discovered on iOS 15 which Apple did not acknowledge and fix for a long time.

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