Apple is working on a new notification feature to alert users of low iPhone battery charge – Patent

Apple is granted a new ‘Smart advice to charge notification’ patent by the U.S Patent and Trademark Office. The new filing shows that the company is working on a new alert system to notify iPhone users when their smartphone battery is running low.

Currently, a battery icon in the status bar shows how much battery life is left. Users can configure the icon to either display an approximation of the battery and show the battery’s charge percentage. However, users can overlook checking the charge during a busy day or some other reason. And that might be taken care of via a notification which will be hard to miss.

iPhone battery throttling

New iPhone battery life notification to alert the user of low charge

The document argues that when the battery charge falls below the threshold percentage of the remaining charge, users are not altered in time and a text or audio alter can resolve that issue.

Often, a “battery low” indication that is based on a fixed threshold of charge remaining is not received in time for the user to take a corrective action. For example, if a user typically charges her smart phone at night, but forgets to do so on one occasion, receiving a “battery low” indication just before leaving for work the next day does not leave the user time to charge her phone before work.

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It is described that

Systems and methods are disclosed for advising a user when an energy storage device in a computing system needs charging. State of charge data of the energy storage device can be measured and stored at regular intervals. The historic state of charge data can be queried over a plurality of intervals and a state of charge curve generated that is representative of a user’s charging habits over time. The state of charge curve can be used to generate a rate of charge histogram and an acceleration of charge histogram.

These can be used to predict when a user will charge next, and whether the energy storage device will have an amount of energy below a predetermined threshold amount before the next predicted charging time. A first device can determine when a second device typically charges and whether the energy storage device in the second device will have an amount of energy below the predetermined threshold amount before the next predicted charge time for the second device. The first device can generate an advice to charge notification to the user on either, or both, devices.

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