A new patent reveals that Apple is working on an iPhone MagSafe charging port

A new patent titled ‘Magnetic surface contacts’ published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office shows that Apple is working on magnetically attach MagSafe charging port for iPhone. The new charging port looks similar to the older generation MacBooks magnetically attached charging port.

With the launch of the latest flagship iPhone 12 series, Apple reintroduced a new collection of MagSafe magnetically attached accessories including wireless chargers, cases, and wallets. In 2006 Apple launch MagSafe for the first MacBook Pro model powered by the Intel chip but was discontinued, when the company introduced a USB-C port in its laptops.

iPhone MagSafe

New magnetic MagSafe charging port for future iPhones

Although the filing does not mention that the new charging port is for iPhones, as per the shared images in the document, the new three-pinned MagSafe charger and charging port are designed for future smartphones. The previous magnetic charger had a five pins design used to easily detach from the device to avoid accidents by pulling the cable. The patent details that:

This application relates to magnetically actuated electrical connectors. The electrical connectors includes movable magnetic elements that move in response to an externally applied magnetic field.

iPhone MagSafe

In some embodiments, the electrical connectors includes recessed contacts that move from a recessed position to an engaged position in response to an externally applied magnetic field associated with an electronic device to which the connector is designed to be coupled.

iPhone MagSafe

In some embodiments, the external magnetic field has a particular polarity pattern configured to draw contacts associated with a matching polarity pattern out of the recessed position.

Apple files for a lot of new patents annually, therefore, it is not necessary that the company will develop the discovered technology as mentioned in the document.

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