iPhone survives 16,000-foot fall from Alaska Airlines plane

In a dramatic aviation incident, an iPhone ejected from a mid-air Alaska Airlines flight and miraculously survived a staggering 16,000-foot plunge.

Vancouver resident Seanathan Bates discovered the phone intact on the side of Barnes Road in Portland, Oregon, days after the plane experienced a cargo door malfunction.

Found an iPhone on the side of the road… Still in airplane mode with half a battery and open to a baggage claim for #AlaskaAirlines ASA1282 Survived a 16,000 foot drop perfectly in tact!

iPhone survives 16,000-foot fall

The iPhone was found intact and functional in Portland, Oregon

Alaska Airlines flight 1282 experienced an in-flight issue shortly after takeoff from Portland, Oregon. A panel on the fuselage ripped off, causing a rapid pressure drop and forcing the plane to make an emergency landing.

During the incident, several items, including luggage and even an iPhone, were sucked out of the plane. The iPhone was found by a resident near the plane’s landing site.

iPhone survives 16,000-foot fall

Despite the incredible fall, the device remained functional, displaying an open Alaska Airlines email. While protected by a case and potentially aided by soft ground cover, the lack of cracks on the iPhone’s screen highlighted its remarkable resilience.

This isn’t the first time an iPhone has shown surprising durability in extreme situations, but the sheer altitude of this fall makes it truly exceptional. The incident also sheds light on the wider impact of the decompression event, with the NTSB confirming another phone’s recovery from the flight.

This incident highlights the durability of some modern smartphones, particularly under extreme circumstances. It’s also a reminder of the importance of having your contact information readily available on your phone in case it’s ever lost or separated.

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