The $199 Rabbit r1 learns your smartphone habits, serving as an AI companion

CES 2024 witnessed the unveiling of the Rabbit r1, a $200 handheld device that aims to redefine the way users interact with their smartphones. With its Rabbit OS and Large Action Model (LAM), the r1 offers a unique approach, distinguishing itself from conventional AI-enabled gadgets.

Rabbit R1 design

Understanding the Rabbit r1

Large Action Model (LAM)

At the core of Rabbit’s innovation is the LAM, a large language model designed to observe and replicate human interactions with apps. Unlike traditional voice assistants that rely on APIs, the Rabbit r1’s LAM learns from user behavior within various interfaces, offering a more dynamic and versatile approach to app navigation.

Rabbit R1

Rabbit’s LAM doesn’t merely serve as a voice interface for predefined actions. Instead, it understands and replicates complex tasks, making it a true agent capable of handling a multitude of digital errands.


Rabbit OS

Rabbit OS leverages the power of “rabbits,” personal AI agents dedicated to executing a wide range of tasks. By learning from user interactions, Rabbit OS transcends the limitations of traditional voice assistants, offering a universal solution for seamless app control.

The OS introduces a “rabbit hole” web portal, allowing users to grant access to their preferred apps. This ensures that Rabbit OS operates with the user’s explicit permission, maintaining a balance between convenience and privacy.


Designed in collaboration with Teenage Engineering, the R1 boasts a compact and portable design, reminiscent of retro gadgets like the Tamagotchi. Its “Luminous Orange” colorway adds a touch of flair, making it an aesthetically pleasing companion device.

Equipped with a 2.88-inch touchscreen, a push-to-talk button, a scroll wheel for navigation, and a 360-degree rotating camera known as the “rabbit eye,” the Rabbit r1 offers a unique blend of functionality and innovation. The hardware’s simplicity and efficiency aim to enhance the user experience.

Is the Rabbit R1 the future of human-device interaction?

As Rabbit enters the market, it presents itself as a promising alternative to traditional smartphones. Priced at $199 and available for pre-order, the r1 aims to simplify digital tasks, offering an intuitive and cost-effective solution. Though competing against established players is daunting, Rabbit’s commitment to rethinking human-device interaction through the r1 could hold the key to reshaping how we engage with technology.

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