OtterBox unveils sustainable Cactus Leather Cases for iPhone 15 and Apple Watch at CES 2024

OtterBox, renowned for its durable iPhone cases, has taken a leap towards sustainability with its latest lineup, the Symmetry Series Cactus Leather Cases.

Breaking away from traditional leather and Apple’s FineWoven material, OtterBox introduces an eco-friendly alternative crafted from the resilient nopal cactus, commonly known as the prickly pear. This move not only emphasizes environmental consciousness but also promises a superior, cruelty-free, and durable material for tech enthusiasts.


OtterBox’s Cactus Leather takes on Apple’s FineWoven

OtterBox’s Symmetry Series Cactus Leather Cases represent a breakthrough in sustainable materials. Harvested from the mature pads of the nopal cactus, this cactus leather offers a luxurious feel akin to traditional leather while being cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. OtterBox collaborates with Adriano di Marti, utilizing Desserto, the world’s first highly sustainable and organic material made from nopal cactus.

OtterBox maintains its reputation for providing robust protection with the DROP+ standards in the Symmetry Series Cactus Leather Cases. The rigid case design, reinforced corners for shock absorption, raised edge for camera protection, and a screen lip safeguard the device effectively. The inclusion of MagSafe magnets ensures compatibility with accessories and easy docking on chargers.

Beyond iPhone cases, OtterBox extends its cactus leather offerings to Apple Watch bands and a MagSafe wallet. This demonstrates the brand’s commitment to sustainability across the entire Apple ecosystem, providing users with ethical and stylish alternatives.


The Symmetry Series Cactus Leather collection boasts a range of earthy tones, including Noir Ash, Cactus Grove, Plum Lux, and Rich Adobe. This diverse color palette adds a touch of style to the eco-friendly accessories.

Otterbox magsafe

Harvesting cactus leather requires less land, water, and resources compared to traditional leather production. OtterBox’s decision to use the nopal cactus ensures that the plant remains alive and healthy for re-harvesting, promoting a circular and eco-friendly approach. Additionally, the cactus continues to absorb CO2, contributing to a positive environmental impact.

OtterBox’s cactus leather presents a durable alternative to Apple’s FineWoven material, which faced criticism for its susceptibility to scratches and stains. The cactus leather, sourced from Desserto, not only addresses these concerns but also aligns with the eco-conscious goals of both OtterBox and its partner Adriano di Marti.

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