iPhones were 9 out of 10 smartphones activated during Christmas in the U.S.

During Christmas 2020, iPhones were 9 out of 10 smartphones that were activated. These devices ranged from iPhone 8 to iPhone SE, iPhone 11, iPhone XR, and iPhone 12. The only non-iPhone smartphone was LG K30, which is a budget smartphone.

Due to the pandemic, the number of smartphones activated during Christmas 2020 was 23% lower, year-over-year, compared to Christmas 2019. This could be attributed to users spending less on smartphones and opting for other gifts. However, considering that iPhone 12 Pro Max, Apple’s most expensive smartphone at the moment, was the third-most-popular device in terms of activations this Christmas, budget concerns do not seem to have factored in when it comes to smartphone purchases.

iPhones Christmas activations

iPhones take 9 out of 10 top spots for smartphone activations

According to Flurry Analytics, Apple’s iPhones dominated the top 10 rankings for new device activations, taking 9 out of 10 spots. The graph shared by Flurry Analytics shows how activations jumped on Christmas Day, compared to the previous 7 day average for these same smartphones. iPhone 11 and iPhone XR, which have been the most popular and best-selling smartphones over the past few years, continued their reign, while iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12, and iPhone 12 Pro ranked 3, 4, and 7, respectively.

iPhones activated during Christmas

This trend also corroborates prior reports that iPhone 12 mini has not been selling well, despite receiving positive reviews from the press. Flurry Analytics had previously reported that iPhone 12 Pro Max was dominating sales, while iPhone 12 mini was seeing a constant decline in demand ever since it launched. Despite being the cheapest iPhone 12 in the line-up, it has not sold well enough.

Apple’s budget device, the iPhone SE, as well as LG’s K30 saw the largest Christmas day surge compared to the prior 7 day average, with 34% and 181% increases, respectively. In addition, the success of past years’ models—notably the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR—may demonstrate that American consumers were more price sensitive this holiday season. Notably absent from this year’s list is the flagship iPhone 12 mini, which brings the features of the iPhone 12, in a smaller device. With a discount of only $100 compared to the iPhone 12, however, the mini version has yet to catch consumers’ attention.

Looking at iPhone 12 Pro Max’ demand, it seems clear that customers are opting for the best-in-class cameras, large displays, and longer battery life, over other features, all of which are features that the mini is not the best at.

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