iPod Nano 6G DFU Mode Found: May Allow Custom Firmware Installation!

After yesterday’s first ever 6th gen iPod nano hack, a developer named Steven Troughton-Smith has successfully put the device into DFU mode which can enable installation of custom firmware files. He modified iRecovery, a jailbreak utility to work with iPod nano despite being a non-iOS device. This allowed him to put an operating system file onto the iPod nano and boot into a white screen mode. Obviously this in’t much of a jailbreak but the developer successfully achieved what he had actually intended.

6g nano_jailbreak.jpg

This is yet another hint at iPod nano’s jailbreak capability as any custom firmware can be installed on it using the above hack as soon as an exploit in its OS is found. Now its up to the jailbreak community to come up with an exploit to actually make this hack work for good.

Check out the video demo for iPod nano DFU mode hack below:

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[via 9to5Mac]

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