Is Rubyra1n GeoHot’s Next Jailbreak For iPad 2 & iPhone 5 / CDMA iPhone?

George Hotz aka GeoHot, the same hacking genius who brought us Blackra1n and Limera1n jailbreak exploits for iOS devices, has another domain registered under his name i.e This obviously doesn’t give us any sort of new jailbreak yet but the possibility is strongly there that the next release from GeoHot, which might already be in the works, could be called the Rubyra1n.


According to Whois records, Blackra1n, Limera1n & Rubyra1n are registered under George Hotz. It looks like, Geohot registered Limera1n & Rubyra1n back in March, 2010. With that said, don’t expect a Rubyra1n Jailbreak anytime soon. Because, Limera1n exploit is capable of jailbreaking all current iOS Device. So, it seems, GeoHot is going to use Rubyra1n, for the Next Gen iPad [iPad 2] / Next Gen iPhone [iPhone 5 / CDMA iPhone].

We expect this exploit to be revealed as soon as early 2011 which is rumored to be the time for iPad 2 release. Stay tuned as we’ll keep you posted when have more on the Rubyra1n story.


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[via iClarified]

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