Download Limera1n to Jailbreak iOS 4.1 on iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad, iPod Touch 4G & 3G

Download Limera1n to Jailbreak iOS 4.1 on iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad, iPod Touch 4G & 3G

We all know about the early release of Limerai1n by GeoHot after much drama between him and Chronic Dev Team about whose exploit should be exposed to Apple first. Well clearly GeoHot couldn’t hold back much longer and many believe that he made the right decision since the exploit used in Limera1n has already been patched in the new iBoot by Apple. Thus the SHAtter exploit which was to be implemented in Greenpois0n by Chornic Dev Team has been delayed for the time being or rather preserved for future hardware revisions by Apple.

In all haste of releasing Limera1n early, GeoHot has released a string of betas for his new tool and already we have the 4th beta of Limera1n available to us with lots of bug fixes. Below is the updated list of bug fixes and complete change log till Limera1n beta 4:

Known bugs:

  • some people must reboot to see Cydia
  • some people still don’t have windows
  • beta iOS versions aren’t supported
  • iPod Touch 2G support coming soon
  • for 3G, use redsn0w
  • limera1n app is a white box, i know. use it anyway

Complete changelog :

  • BETA1 – first release
  • BETA2 – fixed kernel patching magic, rerun BETA2+ over BETA1
  • BETA3 – fixed new bootrom 3GS
  • BETA4 – uninstall fixed, respring fixedish

Download Limera1n (beta 4) for Windows to Jailbreak iOS 4.1 on iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad, iPod Touch 4Gs/3G.

Download Limera1n (Fast Mirror)

To download Limera1n for Mac OS and Linux, stay tuned for updated links on our website, Twitter and Facebook as we’ll keep you posted the moment they are available!

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  1. I have a question, I just downloaded it so do I need to restore then download the real limera1n on Oct 11 or can I just make it ra1n again without deleting the beta version

  2. You don’t need the old beta anymore since now you have the latest one downloaded (beta 4). However to make it ra1n again of coarse you’ll need to restore your device before doing so!

  3. I installed Beta 1 last night, Can I just install beta 4 overtop or do I have to Restore to wipe the beta 1 then install beta 4? My first ever jailbreak last night

  4. Congrats on your first jailbreak Jay, I hope it all went smooth! I’m afraid u’ll need to restore/wipe clean ur device before jailbreaking with the latest beta. There is just no way to undo/overwrite a previous jailbreak!

  5. I’ve already jailbroken my iPod touch 3g with jailbreakme and it kept crashing and lots of apps wouldn’t work so I just want to make sure that limera1n doesn’t have the same problem.

  6. Jailbreak created is for free, not to take the opportunity to become rich. Kinda disappointed, sigh. Nvm, I’ll wait for Jailbreak Me software :( sad sad. Money minded

  7. Nope! This is NOT SHAtter exploit! However limera1n uses the same bootrom level exploit as SHAtter and will support all future iOS versions as well on all current iPhone and iPod touch models. SHAtter has been preserved for the time being and will be released when Apple releases another iPhone or iPod touch model, possibly by end of 2011!

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