Fake Your Firmware to iOS 4.1 With “Firmware Changer” Without Actually Updating Your iPhone / iPod Touch!

This latest Cydia tweak is actually a quite interesting addition to the long list of endless possibilities available to all those with a jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch. As the name “Firmware Changer” suggests, it easily allows you to change your existing firmware, well actually fake it to be more precise, to any other one including iOS4.1 without actually upgrading or downgrading to that specific firmware.

Though choosing a firmware lower than your existing one doesn’t seem to be of much interest but having the ability to get apps that are installable on a higher firmware only, this gives jailbreakers a pretty solid option. Another good use for it would be to avoid the annoying iTunes warning you get each time you connect your iPhone or iPod touch to the computer, telling you to upgrade to the latest version of firmware which is currently iOS 4.1, without actually upgrading your device.

Best of all, “Firmware Changer” is available for free in Cydia via the ModMyi repository. You can discuss more in the comments section below.

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