Iron Man Edition Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Is The Coolest Android Phone I Want

Samsung has really outdone themselves with the Galaxy S6 Edge. While it might seem like a gimmick to have the display curving on the sides, it actually looks amazing when using. I though that is the Android phone I would like to get but the Iron Man version of the same phone just blew my mind.

Engadget has posted about the special edition Galaxy S6 Edge, which Samsung has made as part of their partnership with Marvel for the newest Avengers Age of Ultron movie. The device has the complete Iron Man red color them, front and back and what is absolutely amazing is that it ships with a wireless charger, which looks like an Arc reactor.

The phone ships with a complete Iron Man themed user interface, powered by Android, a clear cover and a beautiful box which just screams luxury, and a lot of money.

The phone also ships with 64GB storage and all the bells and whistles of the regular looking Galaxy S6 Edge, which includes that amazing display, a great camera and good battery life. The only kicker here is that the phone will be available as a limited edition, in selected countries only.

If you are unlucky to not it available in your country, expect these to be available for resale at high prices on Ebay.

Who else wants an Iron Man themed iPhone 6?

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